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Modeling & Forecasting

Epidemiological forecasting is critically needed for decision-making by public health officials, commercial and non-commercial institutions, and the general public. Building off of the accomplishments and findings from the MIDAS-funded Computational Core, the Modeling and Forecasting project aims to develop new epidemic modeling platforms and tools, and strengthen existing versions, and launch a MIDAS-wide initiative to improve epidemic forecasting. Specifically, the project will develop simulation platforms at the population scale that improve our ability to model diseases dynamics and to evaluate intervention policies. It will also develop the theory and practice of epidemiological forecasting.

Co-Principal Investigators

John Grefenstette, PhD

Roni Rosenfeld, PhD


DELPHI - Developing the Theory and Practice of Epidemiological forecasting (the DELPHI group) focuses on developing the technological capability of epi-forecasting, and its role in decision making, both public and private. Please visit the DELPHI page for more information.


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