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Previous Education & Outreach Programs

Programs that have been offered historically are listed here. Click on the links to explore our previously offered programs.

Public Health Dynamics Seminar Series

The Public Health Dynamics Seminar Series is designed to promote systems thinking in public health, including approaches based on network analysis, agent-based simulations, and complex adaptive systems research, among others.

MIDAS Summer Research Program

The Summer Research Program was a 10-week research opportunity for undergraduates interested in computational modeling and simulation of infectious diseases in public health. The MIDAS Summer Undergraduate Research Program concluded in the Summer of 2014.

Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy Partnership

The MIDAS Education & Outreach Core works closely with the University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy, an exciting four-week summer program for junior and senior high school students who live in Pennsylvania and are interested in health care careers.

MIDAS Pilot Research Grant Program

The Pilot Grant Program provides financial support for pilot research programs that involve infectious disease modeling and simulation.

Read about the 2011 Pilot Grant Awardees here.

Read about the 2012 Pilot Grant Awardees here.

Undergraduate Data Palooza! 2013


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