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Pitt MIDAS Investigator publishes two papers in Science

Derek CummingsCongratulations to Derek Cummings, Pitt MIDAS Center for Excellence investigator from the University of Florida, along with colleagues from Johns Hopkins University, Institut Pasteur, Imperial College, and Princeton University, on the publication of two major papers in Science. Dr. Cummings co-authored an important review, "Assessing the global threat from Zika virus" (Science 12 August 2016), which addresses important issues such as the transmission, natural history and phylogenetics of the Zika virus and its potential range. The second paper, "Benefits and risks of the Sanofi-Pasteur dengue vaccine: Modeling optimal deployment" addresses the effects of a recently developed vaccine for dengue which, like Zika, is caused by a flavivirus that is transmitted by a mosquito vector. Cummings and his colleagues from Imperial College, Johns Hopkins and the University of Florida's Emerging Pathogens Institute, present the first independent predictions on the potential impact of dengue vaccination programs (Science 2 Sep 2016). They argue that the vaccine will be most effective in areas where most people have already been exposed to dengue at the time of vaccination. If individuals not previously exposed to the virus are vaccinated, they are at an increased risk of severe disease when they are subsequently exposed to dengue. Read both articles: Zika and Dengue.

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