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Mission Statement

The mission of the Pittsburgh MIDAS National Center of Excellence is to protect the US and the global community against communicable infectious disease threats. We will do this by improving our nation's ability to predict potential epidemics, to devise strategies to prevent the emergence or re-emergence of pathogenic microbes, and to respond rapidly (when necessary) to mitigate the impact of a spreading epidemic. We will develop and deploy computational tools and models to improve policy analysis and decision-making, and we will train students, academics, practitioners, and policy-makers in systems thinking and computational modeling.


The strategic objectives of the Pittsburgh MIDAS National Center of Excellence are to

  • Advance the availability and use of detailed, disaggregated, high value computable data sets, and devise improved methods to estimate transmission parameters from those data,
  • Develop new epidemic modeling platforms and tools, and strengthen existing versions, and launch a MIDAS-wide initiative to improve epidemic forecasting, and,
  • Improve policy decision-making through the development of new methods for uncertainty analysis and for model-linked value of information analysis, and promote and accelerate the use of computational modeling by public health practitioners. 
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