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Genevieve's Research Mentors: Roni Rosenfeld & Elodie Ghedin Genevieve

About her work: Determining the relationship between changes in the genotype and resulting changes in expressed phenotype is important to better understand the evolution of infectious agents, such as influenza A virus. An algorithm was developed by Dr. Roni Rosenfeld and Chuang Wu at CMU to improve and accelerate this process of genotype-phenotype mapping in RNA viruses.  The goal of our work this summer was to experimentally validate the algorithm through reverse genetics.  This process allowed us to design influenza viruses with specific mutations, predicted by the algorithm, engineered into their genome.   In future work we will test the ensuing phenotype of these viruses to determine the genotype-phenotype linkages underlying the predicted mutations, and to evaluate their potential for the development of future drug resistance in influenza.

See Genevieve's Final Research presentation here. 

Arielle's Research Mentor: Maggie Potterarielle

About her work: Using qualitative data analysis software, I examined the transcripts of focus groups that were conducted with public health professionals. I investigated how legal and ethical issues affect disaster preparation, response, and recovery. After completing literature reviews on these issues, I compiled my research into reports that will be sent to the focus group participants.

See Arielle's Final Research Presentation here.