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MIDAS’ David Galloway of the University of Pittsburgh presents Graph Databases featuring Neo4j

DaveWhen: Wednesday, September 16 at 2:00PM Eastern time

What: Dave Galloway will discuss what a graph database is and how it differs from a relational database or a document store database. He will show some examples of graph data and some even more specific examples of it pertaining to infectious disease. He will use Neo4j to show a specific example of a graph database and will use their query language, Cypher, to utilize the database. This discussion is part of an ongoing series of talks targeted toward and given by members of the MISSION 2.0 (MIDAS Software Sharing and Information Outreach Network) group.

Read more: MIDAS’ David Galloway of the University of Pittsburgh presents Graph Databases featuring Neo4j

FRED featured in Pennsylvania Physician SUMMER 2015 magazine

male clinician dressed in scrubs using a stethoscope he’d placed upon the upper left anterior chest of a seated male patient, in order to perform a thoracic auscultationThis feature spreads the word among physicians who may be looking for ways to help explain to their patients why immunization rates need to be and remain high.

See the article on Page 16.

MIDAS research supports childhood vaccinations to protect the entire population

FRED measles website

Dr. Mark S. Roberts, MIDAS researcher, comments on individual rights and the greater good in regards to vaccination. Read More

MIDAS Summer Student and Researchers Present Flu Work at Epidemiology Conference

KatilinKaitlin Piper, a 2014 MIDAS Summer Research program fellow, will present a poster at the Society of Epidemiologic Research 48th Annual Meeting in Denver. An undergraduate at Pitt, Kaitlin contributed to a poster with Drs. Supriya Kumar and John J. Grefenstette. The poster, "Is population structure sufficient to generate area-level inequalities in influenza rates? An examination using agent-based models" will be presented on Thursday, June 18th in the evening.

For more information on the annual meeting, please visit https://epiresearch.org/annual-meeting/2015-meeting/

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